English language contest

On the front page of the “Salzburger” after taking part in the English language contest

A group of students (6 from class 9A and one from class 7A) took part in the English language contest at the College of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Salzburg) on February 9th to test their English language competence and compete with other students from various schools in the province of Salzburg.
“First, we were divided into groups of three to four participants and then we were sent into a discussion for around 15 minutes on topics like sustainable living or the influence of professional sports including individual experience and general consequences for a society. These discussions were rated by a jury that awarded credits for fluency, vocabulary, and interaction with one another.
The students who had convinced the judges in the first round made it to a second round of the contest. Unfortunately, our student from class 7A missed this by just 0.1 point. Still, we were all allowed to watch the highly impressive discussions of round two and – even though we were not successful in winning a prize, our picture made it to the front page of the “Salzburger” the next day.
All in all, we want to emphasize that we really enjoyed our participation and consider it a valuable experience. Such contests are a great chance to meet students of different attitudes and beliefs. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to improve your own English skills so that we strongly recommend competing in such events in the future.”

Elena Schönleitner, Magdalena Stuck, Annemarie Wolfgruber